Responsible Gambling

At, we hold a steadfast commitment to promoting responsible gambling practices across South Africa, India, Ghana, and Malawi. We understand that while online casino gaming offers exhilarating entertainment, it is essential to approach it with mindfulness and awareness. Our comprehensive responsible gambling initiatives are designed to empower you to enjoy gaming in a controlled and balanced manner.

Our Approach to Responsible Gambling

Education and Awareness: Knowledge is your most potent tool. We provide you with the information you need to understand the potential risks and rewards of online casino gaming. Be attention when setting limits, and take care of balance in your gaming activities.

Reality Checks: Most gambling platforms are equipped with reality check features that remind you of your gaming duration. These reminders help you stay aware of the time you spend playing and encourage breaks for reflection.

Setting Limits: Establishing personal limits is a crucial step in responsible gambling. Be careful to the process of setting deposit, loss, and time limits on various gaming platforms, ensuring that you remain within your desired boundaries.

Cooling-Off Periods: If you feel the need to take a break from gaming, we recommend cooling-off periods. During this time, you can temporarily suspend your gaming activities, allowing you to reset and refocus.

Getting Help for Problem Gambling

At, we are staunch proponents of responsible gaming. We understand that while gaming can be an enjoyable pastime for many, for a few it can pose problems. Our commitment to ensuring a safe and responsible environment is unwavering. This page provides important information for our users in South Africa, India, Malawi, and Ghana.

Responsible Gambling in South Africa

Understanding Responsible Gaming: It’s essential for players to treat gaming as entertainment and not as a means to make money. Setting limits on your deposits and time spent gaming is key.

Signs of Gambling Addiction:

  • Spending more money than you can afford
  • Neglecting work, studies, or family to gamble
  • Lying about your gambling activities
  • Feeling guilt or remorse after gambling

Contacts for Help: National Responsible Gambling Programme (NRGP) 

Helpline: 0800 006 008

Responsible Gambling in India

Understanding Responsible Gaming: Gaming should always be about fun and not a way to solve financial problems. Always play with funds that you are prepared to lose.

Signs of Gambling Addiction:

  • Trying to chase your losses
  • Borrowing money to gamble
  • Spending excessive time thinking about gambling
  • Neglecting responsibilities due to gambling

Contacts for Help: Vandrevala Foundation

Helpline: 1860 266 2345
Email: [email protected]

Responsible Gambling in Malawi

Understanding Responsible Gaming: It’s crucial for our players to set limits, whether it’s the time or money they spend on gaming. Always remember to gamble within your means.

Signs of Gambling Addiction:

  • Feeling a constant urge to gamble, even when facing financial strain
  • One of the way to escape personal problems
  • Increasing bets to maintain the thrill
  • Neglecting personal and professional duties

Contacts for Help: While Malawi doesn’t have a specific helpline for gambling addiction, it’s advisable to contact general mental health professionals or clinics in the region for guidance and support.

Responsible Gambling in Ghana

Understanding Responsible Gaming: Responsible gaming means understanding the risks involved and ensuring you’re not endangering yourself or loved ones. Play responsibly and know when to stop.

Signs of Gambling Addiction:

  • Using gambling as a way to cope with stress or anxiety
  • Becoming restless or irritable when not gambling
  • Denying any problem despite clear signs
  • Failing attempts to reduce or stop gambling

Contacts for Help: Ghana Mental Health Authority

Contact: +233 30 340 9460

Stay Safe and Play Responsibly

At, your wellbeing is of paramount importance to us. If you, or someone you know, may have a gambling problem, please seek help immediately. Remember, it’s always best to play within your limits and to enjoy the experience without letting it affect your personal life.

Gaming Thrills with Responsibility. Your Well-Being Matters.