How To Play Aviator: Rules

Learn how to play the Aviator and enjoy the game for real money for a chance to get massive payouts!

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If you’re curious about how Spribe Aviator game works, we have you covered. The gameplay is quite straightforward, making it a perfect choice for beginners and seasoned players alike. Keep reading to learn more about its rules.

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Aviator Gamble

Launched in 2019, Aviator is a crash casino game that’s based on a provably fair system. This game quickly became Spribe’s pilot invention. Aviator game involves to multiply placing bets and watching a plane take off. The longer the plane remains on the screen in the current round, the higher the bet multiplier and your potential payout. Your aim is to cash out your winnings before the plane disappears.


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Start Playing Aviator

Before asking how to play Aviator, please note that access to real money play is available exclusively at online casinos. I recommend familiarizing yourself with our curated list of top betting sites. These platforms allow you to register, make deposits, place bets, win real money, and withdraw your earnings seamlessly. All listed sites have been thoroughly vetted and tested by a team of experienced players.

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Starting the game on different devices is a breeze. Below are the steps to guide you:

PC Version

Here’s how to play and win Aviator betting game on a computer:

  • Choose the best Aviator live casino
  • Launch the online casino on your device and log into your account. 
  • Create a slot game account if you do not have it yet.
  • Search for the title in the casino lobby.
  • Read the rules of the game to know about the Aviator
  • Click on “play.”
  • Set your stake amount and confirm your bet. 
  • Wait for the plane to take off and cash out before it flies away from the screen.

Mobile Version

If you’re using a mobile device to learn Aviator game how to play, here’s how it works:

  • Identify the best casino apps among others that offer Aviator exciting game
  • Visit the online casino platforms and create a bettor account.
  • Log in and find the Aviator in the lobby.
  • Study the Aviator game complete guide
  • Click to “play the Aviator game” button
  • Set your bet.
  • Watch the plane fly and withdraw before it flies off.

App Version

If you prefer apps, then know that the same Aviator game rules apply:

  • Choose and download gambling application
  • Launch the Aviator online casino app
  • Create the game Aviator account if you do not have one and log in.
  • Replenish money to have real bets
  • Find “Aviator” online game and click the play button.
    Set your stakes and wait for the plane to take off.
  • Decide when you want to cash out before it crashes.

How Does Aviator Work?


You’ll find two separate bets options at the bottom of the gaming window once you launch one or two bets. The stake amounts are adjustable with the “+” and “-“ buttons. 

If you want to place a bet faster, you can use the autobet feature.

This automatically wagers that set amount before the game begins.


This is one of the most important bet function, to use to withdraw your winnings bet before the plane flies away. 

Once the plane has taken off, the bet button changes to “cash out,” so you click on it when you want to take your payout.

The auto-cashout feature game will automatically cash out your winnings once the multiplier hits a certain number.


You can activate it by navigating to the auto section of the gaming window. It lets you play automatically for a certain number of rounds, as many as 50 times. 

It has such major settings:

  • to cash out if your cash decreases or increases by a certain amount
  • to set the game to stop if a single win exceeds a set amount


The following are other features of the game that make it exciting and safe to play


After you learn how to place players bet on Aviator and start playing for real money, you’ll find a statistics page on the left side of your screen. This displays the information of other gamblers playing the game. It includes details of their bet amount, the multiplier value when they cashed out, and how much they won.

Free Bets Option

If the casino offers you any free bets for the game, you’ll find them in this tab. This feature of the game is available in the menu, which is accessible from the top left of the screen. Opening the free bets tabs shows you if you have any active freebies to play, and you can easily activate them.


Aviator uses a random number generator to derive its outcomes. This ensures that the result of each betting round is fair and based on a random number. You won’t find the RNG in the game, but you can confirm its integrity using the Provably fair settings.


The RTP, which is an acronym for Return-to-Player percentage, shows how much you stand to earn from the game in the long run. Basically, the higher the percentage, the higher your potential earnings. For Aviator, the RTP is an impressive 97%.

Round History

The round history is displayed as multipliers at the top of the screen. Clicking on any of these figures shows the hash seed of that round and seeds that other players generated. These seeds are used to determine the fairness of that game’s round.

Advised Tactics

Graphic table background and Aviator game how to bet

Aside from learning how to bet Aviator casino game, you might also want to know the best way to win big. Here are some helpful tactics tutorial for the way to play the Aviator:

Bet small: Spread out your bankroll by placing smaller wagers instead of heavy bets. This lets you play for more rounds. It is the most effective Aviator tactic for beginners.

Cash out early: There’s no harm in waiting for big multipliers, but these are riskier than smaller values. That’s why we advise do not be greedy and cash out when the multiplier is still between 1.01x and 1.80x.

Use player’s strategy: You can monitor other players’ gameplay of different strategies and develop a suitable strategy based on gaming experience of advanced Aviator players, who make reviews of many online casinos.

Game Exceptions

There are a few things that make Aviator better than several other crashes online casino games, and these are:

Provably Fair System

One of the most impressive things about the game is that it’s based on a provably fair system. Thanks to this, you can rest assured knowing that it offers you a fair chance of winning and the result of the game is random.

Demo Mode

You don’t always have to ask how is Aviator game played because you can simply try out the fun mode. This lets you learn the basics of the way to play, including how to bet and use the unique game auto functions, before placing stakes with real money.

Device Compatibility

The crash game is compatible with different devices, so you don’t have to be tethered to your computer to play. In other words, you can learn how to bet Aviator game on your smartphone and tablet. Its quality and chances of winning remain the same, even on smaller screens.

Final Thoughts

Now you’ve learned how to use Aviator and bet real money. As we already noted, the gameplay is simple. So, even if you’re a newbie, you can easily understand the rules and place wagers for a chance to win. Plus, it includes several functions, including autobet and auto-cashout, which enhance your overall game experience.



Is The Game Predictable?

No, the game isn’t predictable because a random number generator determines its outcome. Though, there are a lot of tips and strategies, saying there are “crazy time” or “rush hours” of the game applies.

What Is The Best Strategy To Win?

The best strategy to make some money is to place small bets and cash out early. Cash out the first bet and then place your second bet. Do small steps in order to win. This makes the game less expensive to play.

Can I Hack The Aviator?

You can’t hack the game because it uses a provably fair system.